The truth about Reflexology and how it works

The truth about Reflexology and how it works

I am quite often surprised at just how many people have not heard of Reflexology. Most people have heard of acupuncture and even if they have not experienced it, you don’t have to give them a long explanation of it. But when it comes to Reflexology, so many people are just not that aware of it and its powers.

One of the main issues is that Reflexologists are not allowed to say they can treat health conditions as such. Or you would have to be very confident as a Reflexologist to claim this. The other reason is probably because of the age old respect and reliance on doctors even when they tell you they cannot do anything for you.

Acupuncture accesses your body’s healing mechanism through various tiny points on your body. Reflexology pretty much does the same thing through your feet (and hands). If your liver can be accessed by a tiny point on your legs in acupuncture, your liver can be accessed from your right foot in Reflexology. The principles are the same. The points of access are different. And the big advantage for people with needle phobia is obviously the fact that Reflexology uses no needles!

Reflexology has been around for some 4000 years and anything that endures that long must have some benefits. Next time you have a health issue, put Reflexology as one of the possible cure paths on your list and give it a try.

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