The secret poison causing inflammation in your body

The secret poison causing inflammation in your body

When I was doing the research for The 10 Minute Back Pain Cure, I came across many foods which were on the danger list as far as inflammation in the body was concerned.

At the top of this list was sugar. Sugar is really bad when it comes to inflammation in your body. This can be inflammation in your back or other parts of the body such as the intestines, the head and sinuses.

You don't really realise the bad effects of sugar as it is more like a daily dose of poison rather than a quick injection! Sugar is a big contributor to bad health; we already know this. However as an inflammatory food, doctors are just beginning to realise its bad health effects and warning people accordingly.

The problem with sugar is that it is addictive. Your really have to be careful with it and you will need to come off it slowly. Many naturapaths believe that sugar feeds candida in your body; this is a living organism and removing its food will not make it happy! So go slow with reducing sugar but do make sure you try and have as little refined sugar as possible.

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