Natural Sex Aids

Natural Sex Aids

Olive Oil

Add about 2 spoonfuls of olive oil to your salad in the evening and you will notice a fuller, stronger “manhood” in the morning along with more sexual desire.



A great food for driving in more blood to the lower regions. Eat 2-4 in the mornings and 2-4 in the evenings.



A wonder fruit, perfect for warming up the male organs and making them look more full. Eat one, spaced throughout the day, every day.



Full of minerals and fantastic for increasing sexual energy and sexual appetite! If you can’t find fresh ones, eat 4-5 dried figs every day. Figs are very useful when you lack “power” in the bedroom.


Watermelon juice

If you can get watermelon in season, give the juice a try as does wonders!



Take up to 50mg of zinc a day to maintain natural male hormones and increase sex drive.


Exercise your eyes

Go out and about and feed your eyes! Sometimes if you don’t feel like you have sexual energy and you feel generally weak, it is a good idea to get yourself out and look at the opposite sex. No stalking though!



Running is a great exercise for ensuring you have a healthy sex life. Running is very beneficial when it comes to increasing sexual energy and sexual power.


Norateen by LA Muscle

Norateen Heavyweight II is an amazing supplement, designed to boost confidence and increase sexual energy; a best-seller with guaranteed results.



Sprinkle some cinnamon on your cereals or yoghurts daily. Cinnamon is great for “heating up” the sexual organs and getting you hot!


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