Live life and start exercising TODAY

Live life and start exercising TODAY

Have you heard the saying “life is what happens to you when you are making other plans?”

If you want to get big, lose weight, improve your fitness or just start exercising, there is no better time than now. TODAY is the day. You see, if you don’t start today, you will never start.

Most of us are so busy making plans and setting goals for some time in the future than we ignore the fact that we are alive right here and right now and we must make every second count. Life goes by very fast and before you know it, the list of things that you have “not done” is much bigger than things you have done.

The most ideal scenario is to start building muscles, getting fit and lean at an early age. The body has muscle memory and when you start early, it’s always much easier to get back in shape or keep in shape, later on in life. This should of course not stop you from starting later. Any start is better than no start.

What’s stopping you from taking action? Here are typical reasons:

  • Job

  • Commitments

  • Money

  • Bad timing

Etc etc. You know what these reasons are? They are called excuses. If you are a man, you know what an excuse is. Your wife/partner asks you to clean up the garden or garage and you give her the “reasons” why. These reasons are called EXCUSES!


Unfortunately most of us apply these excuses to our muscle, fat loss and fitness goals too.


Let’s make a start today. No more excuses. Life is happening TODAY. Here’s how you do it:


If you have been wanting to build muscles

Join a gym today and give a commitment to yourself that you will go at least 3 times a week. If you don’t have the money, start by doing push-ups, dips and chin-ups at home. You can build a surprisingly nice body by using home furniture and your own body weight. All you need is a chin-up bar (around £10), two chairs (for dips) and a floor for push-ups.


If you have been wanting to lose weight or get fitter

Go for a jog. If you get tired and out of breath, don’t worry, it’s normal. Stop and go back home.

Go out again tomorrow and go a little further. This is how you will build yourself up and soon you will be going further, getting fitter and losing more weight.


Yes, life is what happens when you are making other plans. Change those plans to ACTION and start today. You will be so pleased with yourself that you did.


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