10 useful nutrition facts

10 useful nutrition facts

1. Fizzy drinks take out calcium from your bones, leading to osteoporosis. Carbonated drinks also destroy tooth enamel. If you are a drinker of fizzy drinks, then grab a magnifying mirror and have a close look at your teeth!


2. Coconut milk enhances heart health and can aid weight loss. Don’t over do it, but definitely do incorporate it in your diet.


3. Ginger can reduce muscle pain post workout by as much as 25%.


4. Diets high in protein are great for weight loss as the body burns up to 35% of their calories in their digestion. Compare this to carbs or fat where the body only burns 5-15% of their calories.


5. Dried fruits lose up to 80% of their vitamin and mineral content.


6. Adding lemon to your green tea boosts its antioxidant ability by as much as 12 times.


7. Omega 3s in fish oil can increase protein synthesis, leading to more muscle growth!


8. Almost 1% of the population in the western world is gluten intolerant. Many sufferers don’t even know!


9. A good BCAA supplement can reduce post workout muscle soreness and increase recovery times by as much as 50%.


10. Cinnamon can enhance the delivery of nutrients to your muscles. It also lowers the risk of blood clots.

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