10 reasons why you must avoid soft drinks for optimal health

10 reasons why you must avoid soft drinks for optimal health

  • Fizzy drinks bloat you and make you look terrible. Unless you are aware of this, you may not even realize that they do this but it’s easy to prove it. Here is an experiment you can try yourself: 1. Drink nothing but water for 1 day. i.e. no fizzy drinks. Your only source of hydration should be water. The rest of your diet can remain the same. Take a photo of your face and your body after 24 hours. 2. Drink 2-3 cans of any fizzy drink for 1 day. Take a photo of your face and body at the end of the 24 hours in the same place as the 1st photo i.e. same light etc. You will see a much more bloated and worse-for-wear you in one of the photos. Guess which one it will be?

  • Sugary fizzy drinks are high in calories and make you fat.

  • Sugary fizzy drinks are very bad for your teeth and can rot them.

  • Sugar-free fizzy drinks are often packed full of artificial sweeteners that have not been proven safe for health over a long period.

  • Fizzy drinks contain little or no nutrients.

  • Sugar-free soft drinks can be bad for your vascular health according to a recent study in the Journal of General Internal Medicine published by Springer. Researchers found that those who drank diet soft drinks daily were 43% more likely to have suffered a vascular event than those who drank none. Another paper recently found a 48% higher risk of heart attacks amongst daily drinkers of diet soft drinks! Scary statistics.

  • Carbonated drinks are acidic and throw off the body’s pH balance which is not good for optimum health. Many problems such as skin issues are caused by your body being too much on the acidic side so carbonated drinks make things worse.

  • Carbonated drinks are said to sap your body and bones of its calcium content.

  • Carbonated drinks can negatively affect the enamel of your teeth, which are irreplaceable.

  • Fizzy drinks can cost you a fortune! Water is free.

There you have it. If you want optimal health, drink plain, natural water.

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