10 interesting nutrition facts

10 interesting nutrition facts

1. Lemons are considered one of the world’s healthiest foods. They are liver cleansers, boost the immune system and are packed full of vitamin C.


2. Walnuts and pecans have more antioxidants than blackberries and cranberries.


3. Did you know that 8 in 10 people are deficient in potassium?


4. Coconut water is sterile and has an ideal pH balance. In an emergency, it can be used as a substitute for blood plasma!


5. The amino acid Tryptophan can aid sleep and help you lose weight. Want to increase Tryptophan in your diet? Eat more eggs!


6. Grass-fed beef contains up to 5x more omega 3s than grain fed beef.


7. Turkey, cheese and fish have the highest protein per calorie ratio.


8. Good vegetarian sources of proteins are legumes, nuts, seeds and some fruits.


9. If you are trying to lose weight, avoid buffets! The average calorie consumed at a buffet is 3000!


10. Did you know that Worcestershire sauce is made from dissolved anchovies (fish)?

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