Welcome to a health portal that actually gives you better health! Doctors cannot cure chronic conditions because most chronic conditions are as a result of lifestyle and diet, an area doctors are not trained in. Drugs only mask or reduce the symptoms of a disease and do not eradicate it. High blood pressure medicine does not "cure" high blood pressure. Exercise, fat and salt reduction and dietary changes truly cure it. 

Most other alternative sites put together "lots" of "possible" natural treatments that may or may not work for you.

Reflexology.co.uk gives you manuals which have been specifically written to give you the most accurate natural remedy for your specific ailment; natural remedies that have been proven to work over thousands of years. 

There is usually one particular remedy for most diseases. Think of Scurvy for example. Many ancient doctors tried to cure it with no avail. It was only with the introduction of vitamin C in the diet of those afflicted that the "cure" was found. 

Reflexology.co.uk's manuals give you that "vitamin c" moment for your particular ailments. In addition, each manual contains dietary, lifestyle changes as well as supplements and herbs that can help you. To top it all, you will be given exact points on your feet, hands or other body parts to work on, enabling your body to heal better and faster and do what nature intended.

Your own body is the world's most complicated and effective pharmacy and can produce ANY drug and heal ANY disease if the right environment is facilitated. 

Your doctor may have given up on you or you may not have found the answers you have been seeking elsewhere. Be glad to have come to this website because if your ailment has a manual on Reflexology.co.uk, you will 100% be helped. Start to a healthier you by downloading your wellness manual. 

New disease manuals are added regularly so make sure you check back often.